Make the most of your bald head and boost your confidence with an awesome wardrobe. Here are some great bald men fashion tips to help you look great.

Bald men fashion is something that you may never have thought about before shaving your head. But, there are endless fashion options available to you as a bald man; all of which can help boost your confidence and refresh your personal style. 

The best look for bald guys doesn’t have to be understated and monotone. There’s a common misconception that fashion for the average man is simplistic and neutral--that’s not the case! As a man with a shaved head, you have every opportunity to make bold fashion choices and show who you are through your clothing. Not only will this make you feel more at home in your clothes, but it will also make you command positive attention in any room.

Skin Tone and Fashion: What You Need to Know

Contrary to what you may assume, bald men can actually pull off more striking color combinations than folks with hair on their heads. Without the addition of hair color to draw the eye, bald fashion can include an assortment of colors without looking too chaotic or busy.

That being said, as a bald man, your skin tone is more prominently on display than it would be with a full head of hair. There are numerous benefits to this (have you heard that bald men are perceived as more masculine?), but it also means that you should closely consider which clothing colors complement your skin tone.

  • Light/Fair Skin Tones

Bald men with pale or light toned skin can look fantastic in a range of deep hues and neutrals. When you’re on the paler side, it’s best to keep a distance from whites and light pastels, such as peach, that could wash out your complexion. Instead, opt for deeper, darker tones such as forest green, maroon, and even burnt orange. When you’re looking for staple pieces in your wardrobe, such as pants and jackets, dark browns and greys will get the most wear.

Many pale men have a tendency to flush in the face easily, perhaps after a workout or when you’ve been out in hot weather for too long. If this is the case for you, firecracker red, mustard yellow, and similar tones will only accentuate any redness that you have in the face, so it’s best to opt for more muted alternatives.

  • Medium/Olive Skin Tones

Medium-skinned men may have a yellow or olive-colored tint to their skin and can often get a great tan quite easily. For this complexion, think twice about wearing tones that closely resemble those yellow or olive undertones. Doing so can create a monotone look that’s simply not the most flattering option. Instead, consider light-toned neutrals, such as gray and white, dark staple colors, like navy and black, and pops of eye-catching jewel tones, like royal purple and deep red.

The medium skin tone falls, predictably, right in the middle of the color scale and, therefore, looks great with a wide range of tones. Bald men with medium complexions have a lot of options when it comes to fashion, so enjoy it!

  • Dark Skin Tones

Bald men with dark skin tones can make virtually any color look great since no shades will wash them out. The main factor for darker men to consider is which brown tones to wear to avoid a monotone look. Brown is a fantastic neutral tone in menswear, so you won’t likely want to avoid it completely, but stay away from shades of brown that closely resemble your complexion.

Dark skin tones look wonderful against virtually any light and bright color. Experiment with pops of yellow, green, and red. For staple pieces, consider pale blue and other pastels. You can even enjoy wearing elegant black pieces, whether it be an all-black suit for a formal event or a black T-shirt with dark wash jeans for a casual weekend outing.

Keep in mind that these color guidelines aren’t hard and fast. Everyone has unique undertones to their skin that either complement or clash with colorful garments. To keep things simple, try on clothes before you make a purchase, especially if you are new to the shaved head look. By doing this, you’ll start to discover what the most flattering colors are for your complexion, as well as which colors to stay away from.

Prints vs. Solid Colors

bald man fashion tips

Bald men have heads that are a single tone, while those with hair naturally have two contrasting colors on their heads. It may sound strange, but this means that bald guy fashion should include a variety of compelling prints. Your bald look can pull off striking combinations of striking colors and eye-catching prints, so make the most of it!

The Best Prints for Bald Fashion

Statement prints can create some of the best styles for bald guys. The neutral look of a bald scalp makes for the ideal canvas for eye-catching stripes, plaids, and even masculine florals. Some men stay away from conspicuous prints, opting to play it safe with neutrals and solid colors. While there’s undoubtedly something to be said for keeping it simple, bald men fashion can be made so much more interesting (and fun) with the addition of prints. Plus, mixing prints with solids will make you stand out among the crowd in a positive way, and who wouldn’t want that?

The collection of prints listed below include both classic styles and modern examples to consider as you shop for menswear as a bald guy. Remember that bald men are able to wear bold prints without overloading an outfit with visual details, so feel free to mix and match.

  • Stripes: Vertical, Horizontal, and Diagonal

Stripes: it’s a classic, go-to print for menswear that’s worn all year round for many different occasions. While stripes may seem like a dull print option, striped garments can actually provide great visual interest. Plus, stripes can be paired with offbeat colors for a wholly unique look.

Striped clothing can be categorized by the orientation of the stripes themselves: vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Vertical stripes have a lengthening effect on the body and can even make you appear taller. For example, pinstripe trousers feature subtle vertical stripes and will make your legs look long and lean. Bald men are already often perceived as taller than men with hair, and vertical stripes can help to accentuate a long, distinguished appearance.

Horizontal stripes, contrastingly, have a broadening effect on the body. So, horizontal stripes are typically featured on shirts to emphasize the chest. If you’re a lanky individual, a shirt with stripes running from side to side may even out your proportions and give you a more filled-out look.

For a modern twist on the typical stripe, check out fabrics with diagonal stripes. Instead of having a slimming or broadening effect, diagonal stripes keep the eye moving across the fabric for an unusual visual effect. This stripe variety is a great way to mix up your average work suit or take a night out outfit to the next level.

  • Plaids

Plaid is another traditional pattern that’s popular among men everywhere. Plaid comes in varying sizes, designs, and colors, giving you plenty of room to experiment.

Wearing plaid doesn’t mean that you have to put on a flannel or look like a lumberjack. Many types of plaid have a crisp, professional style and will look excellent in a professional setting. Consider materials such as linen and broadcloth for plaid garments with a professional look.

Bald men in particular will look great wearing large plaid prints. While subtle plaids are often a good choice for office settings, bold plaid garments draw the eye and stand out when worn by bald men. Plus, plaids often feature a combination of different colors, which will increase the overall “wow factor” of your outfit.

When you pair plaid with solid-colored pieces, try coordinating the colors to create a sharp, pulled-together look. For example, if you wear a plaid button-down shirt featuring a white background with red and navy lines, consider wearing a jacket and trousers that are navy, too. This subtle color coordination will show that you put thought into your attire without appearing too matchy-matchy or monotone.

  • Geometric Designs

Menswear designs today often feature geometric shapes to create vivid statement pieces. Bald men look fantastic in garments with large geometric prints, especially when paired with great-fitting staples (such as jeans or a blazer). Use this type of print to create standout, individual looks for interviews, fun nights out, and dressed up occasions.

If you choose a brightly colored garment with a geometric print, wear it with an understated neutral piece. For example, wear a colorfully printed button-down with black or navy trousers. This allows the print to be the star of the show and keeps the outfit from appearing chaotic.

  • Abstract Florals

Florals don’t have to be exclusive to women’s clothing--this print has a place in menswear for those with shaved heads, too. Florals in men’s clothing are generally abstract, meaning that from a distance, you may not be able to tell that the print is of flowers. This is part of why florals in menswear are so unique and eye-catching.

For a look that’s both polished and out of the ordinary, pair a colorful button-down featuring a subtle floral print with black trousers, black shoes, and a black blazer. The all-black pieces will draw eyes to the statement shirt while maintaining an elegant feel.

Since florals are a somewhat unexpected choice in men’s fashion, they’re well suited to looks for special occasions and social events. But, small floral designs in muted tones, such as pale blue paisley, can look great when included in an everyday look for the office. Florals will add variety to your clothing collections as a bald man.

Bald Men Fashion: What You Need in Your Wardrobe

Casual Looks

Every bald man needs casual pieces in his wardrobe for weekends, low-key weeknight outings, and get-togethers with friends. But, just because an outfit is casual doesn’t mean that it has to be basic or boring. You can ramp up any casual looks with a few simple tricks for relaxed bald men styles.

  • Find T-shirts that break the norm.

T-shirts are possibly the simplest garment you can own, and they’re incredibly practical. Wear a T-shirt on its own with a pair of jeans when the weather is warm, or dress one up by wearing it under a blazer for business casual attire--the options are endless.

When selecting T-shirts for your wardrobe, stand out from the crowd by selecting unusual colors to suit your skin tone. Think salmon, teal, maroon, or even bright yellow; by selecting interesting colors for your T-shirts, you’ll be able to make any outfit pop.

  • Discover your perfect fit in jeans.

Jeans are an essential component of every man’s clothing collection. To look your best as a bald guy, make sure that your jeans fit impeccably. A flattering, well-fitting pair of jeans goes a long way in making you look fashionable and pulled together. Plus, jeans are far more comfortable when they fit well, so you’ll love wearing them even more.

  • A great belt can pull the whole look together.

Don’t forget to find a belt or two when you’re shopping for clothes. A good belt will elevate the most simple outfit (think jeans and T-shirt) to improve your appearance. Plus, belts define your proportions, making you appear leaner.

Professional and Office Wear

If your job requires you to wear professional attire on a day-to-day basis, it can be easy to feel like your outfit options are limited. But, there are plenty of styles for bald guys that are both appropriate for the office and visually interesting. Button-down shirts and slacks don’t have to be humdrum; you can spice up your professional wardrobe as a bald man with these considerations:

  • Don’t be afraid of prints and colors in the workplace.

Even when you’re working, there’s no harm at all in wearing bold colors and prints. Bald men can carry off visually interesting garments, so find options that are work-appropriate while delivering a pop of color or an interesting print.

  • Invest in a great pair of dress shoes for the office.

Shoes undoubtedly make a difference in any outfit. Dress shoes in an everyday, neutral tone like brown are the norm in most offices, so be sure to own at least one great pair. Investing in a high-quality pair will save you money in the long run because they’ll be less prone to wear and tear.

  • Dress for the season to bring variety to your work clothes.

Many men keep their work clothes the same all year round, with muted neutral tones like navy and gray. Those staple pieces are undoubtedly useful, but you may enjoy keeping up with a rotating wardrobe to reflect the season. In the fall, break out the burnt orange, maroon, and mustard yellow. When spring rolls around, consider pastels. In the summer, you can enjoy lightly colored trousers and short-sleeved button-downs.

Dressy Night Out Attire

Bald guy fashion for special occasions has plenty of leeway for you to express yourself. Loud colors, unusual prints, striking combinations, you name it--when it comes to a dressy night out, you have the opportunity to have fun with your attire. Of course, the classic black-and-white suit will always be a classy, elegant option, but it doesn’t have to be the only available option. Consider these tips before dressing for your next night out or formal event.

  • Build your look around a statement piece.

A balanced wardrobe is filled with staple, neutral pieces (think black trousers, white button-downs, white T-shirt, etc.) and garments that stand out from the rest. Special, statement clothes, like a jacket in a unique color or a shirt with an eye-popping print, can be the focal point of a great outfit. So, aim for a balance of both of these types of clothes in your wardrobe.

  • Mix black with bright colors for a look that’s refined yet modern.

Black is a go-to option for dressed-up attire, and rightfully so. All-black or mostly black outfits have an upscale, masculine, and classy look. However, you can go against the grain by adding a bright color in the mix. Whether in the form of a vibrant button-down or even a vividly colored tie, bald men can have fun with formal clothes.

  • Consider accessories to pull your look together.

Accessories like hats, scarves, and sunglasses are an easy way for bald guys to up their fashion game. Men with shaved heads look especially dashing with accessories because they help to break up the appearance of your skin from face to scalp for greater aesthetic interest.


Bald men fashion is a topic that encompasses a lot of different factors. As we’ve discussed, skin tone and clothing colors make all the difference when you’re dressing as a bald man because your complexion is visible on your scalp as well as your face. But, with so many options of clothing hues and prints to choose from, you can make a bold statement with each outfit you wear. So, take advantage of your assets as a bald man and enjoy dressing with a shaved head--people will take notice!