Maintaining a shaved head is so much easier when you have the right tool for the job. Here’s our pick for best electric shaver for bald heads in 2019.

Electric shavers can be a great upgrade to your bathroom routine, particularly if you spend a lot of time maintaining a bald head. Using an electric shaver is oftentimes faster than a manual razor and you can even sometimes get better results by using an automated blade instead of relying on your hand.

Our #1 pick for an electric shaver for your head is the WMARK Electric Shaver 2-in-1. It’s an extremely versatile and low-cost waterproof shaver that can handle any kind of hair trimming needs while retaining a comfortable ergonomic grip.

Below, we’ll explain what to look for in a great electric shaver. After that we'll dive into our top picks, and then go over some commonly asked questions when it comes to shaving your head.

Best Electric Shavers For Bald Heads Overview

Our #1 Rated
best electric shaver for bald heads

WMARK Electric Shaver 2-in-1

asavea shaver

5-in-1 AsaVea Electric Shaver and Grooming Kit

dee banna electric shaver

Dee Banna Electric Rotary Shaver

Shopping for Electric Shavers: Factors to Consider

As you look through the best electric shavers that we’ve found, you’ll probably be wondering how we came to our conclusions or how we were able to tell good electric shavers from mediocre ones. The truth is that there are a few important aspects that you can look for to determine what makes a good electric shaver for a bald head. Let’s explain a few of those now.


A lot of the best electric shavers will be waterproof and thus will be able to be used in the shower, which is often considered the best possible place to do any kind of shaving if you can manage, or if you have the room. This is distinct from shavers which claim that they can be cleaned under a faucet; this means that the shaver’s body is not waterproof and you should be careful when washing it to prevent water from getting into the delicate electronics near the handle.

Truly waterproof shavers will be able to withstand total submersion in water or the constant barrage of droplets from the shower. This is ideal for shaving in the shower and it can be of great value if you plan on shaving your head during this time.

Because shaving in the shower is so effective due to the opening of your pores when exposed to hot water, we definitely recommend trying to find a good electric shaver that is also waterproof so that you can take advantage of this strategy.

Make sure you also pick up one of our top rated anti-fog shower mirrors so you don't miss a spot.

That being said, a waterproof electric shaver is not totally a necessity and you can always get by and achieve the same pore-opening effect by taking a hot washcloth that has been soaked in water and rubbing it over the area you intend to shave; this includes the top of your head. Using this method, you can use a non-waterproof shaver and still achieve great results.

Ergonomic Grip

Another great thing to look for in the best electric shavers for bald heads is an ergonomic handle or grip. This is arguably even more important than it is for traditional electric shavers that are used to cut hair on the face or trim a beard.

Shaving your head requires you to do most of the work at an uncomfortable or unusual angle. You might need to spend a little bit of time going back and forth and checking for missed spots or bumps on your head that are the result of your unique skull layout. Because of this, having a comfortable handle attached to the electric shaver is important so that you can maintain good precision and stability during the entire process.

You will be much more comfortable during your shaving sessions if using the electric shaver doesn’t require you to hold your arm at a strange angle or hold something that’s liable to slip out of your hands, especially if you’re in the wet environment of the shower.

Charger/Run Time

A good electric razor for heads will also have a decent charger and good run-time. While it's good practice to always keep your shaver plugged in whenever you’re not using it, being able to use the shaver even if you forgot to plug it in is a great benefit that can save you during times when you need to touch up the top of your head in a hurry.

Furthermore, getting an electric shaver that has a long run-time is important when you’re just starting out and you don’t want to run the risk of your battery dying in the middle of the shaving session. This would result in you having to plug in the shaver in for a while and ultimately suspend your shaving routine.

There are some electric shavers that have more than one method of charging because they have a USB port. This can be particularly helpful if you travel a lot and want to maintain a shaved head look no matter where you currently are. Getting an electric shaver that can charge from places other than a traditional outlet affords you some extra versatility and peace of mind.


There are plenty of electric shavers which are suitable for bald heads that also come with some extra heads or attachments that allow you to use the same motor and handle base for other types of shaving needs, such as shaving facial hair or nose hair. Getting one of these electric shavers can be a great idea if you want to get the most bang for your buck or want to minimize the number of tools you have to store in your bathroom to maintain your appearance.

Most of the time, these electric shavers allow you to switch the attachments out with minimum fuss. You shouldn’t notice any kind of performance drop or downside to using one of these electric shavers over one that is specialized only for shaving bald heads. These types of shavers are sometimes more expensive, but you’re still getting good value for every dollar since these shavers can tackle more than one problem.


Looking for a bald head shaver that utilizes a foil is a great idea. A foil, in this case, refers to a layer of foil that rests over the blades of an electric shaver head in which acts as a kind of net to trap or catch hairs as you move the shaver over the surface of your skin. By trapping the hairs, the foil makes them stand up straighter and allows the hairs to be cut closer to their root.

Cutting closer to the root is always a good thing because it extends the amount of time you have to enjoy a totally smooth head before you have to shave again. The foil doesn’t increase discomfort or provide any negative downside; it’s a benefit that you should always look for when selecting electric shaver for any kind of purpose, not just shaving your head.

The Best Electric Shaver for Bald Heads

If you’ve been trying to find the best head shaver to speed up your shaving routine and maintain a super smooth bald head, look no further. There are several excellent choices of electric shaver that are perfect for removing hair from your head.

We assembled this group of the best electric head shavers based on the criteria we went over above. Check out each individual review to find out their specific pros and cons.

1. WMARK Electric Shaver 2-in-1

  • Our #1 Pick
best electric shaver for bald heads

The WMARK Electric Shaver 2-in-1 is our pick for the best electric shaver for a bald head. It has so many excellent features that can assist with shaving the top of your head that it’s hard to know where to start.

For one, it has a head that’s perfect for shaving you to smooth baldness and another attachable head that’s of the trimmer variety in which can be used to trim both of beard or to shorten the hair on top of your head before you shave it all the way down. It’s extremely easy to hold and use and can be carried quite comfortably in the middle of your hand.

All of the blades are made from stainless steel, which is both corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic. That alone makes the shaver a great pick if you tend to have sensitive skin or are allergic at all to nickel. Switching between the two heads can be done in just seconds, and this affordable purchase even comes with some extra blades right out of the box.

The shaver is totally waterproof and can be used in the shower and has a USB rechargeable port, so you can take it on business trips or anywhere you like without having to worry about whether or not you can charge it in a pinch. This is a good thing because its battery life is only good enough for two or three shaves, so don't forget to plug it in when you're not using it!


  • Comes with a shaver head and trimmer head for your facial-hair shaving needs.
  • Utilizes a USB Rechargeable port for use anywhere.
  • It’s a small, compact design that’s easy to hold in the palm of your hand.
  • The ergonomic grip allows for lengthy use without getting tired.
  • All the blades are made of stainless steel.
  • It’s totally waterproof!
  • The shaver's head makes use of a foil.


  • Low battery life

2. 5-in-1 AsaVea Electric Shaver and Grooming Kit

asavea shaver

Now let’s take a look at the 5-in-1 AsaVea Electric Shaver and Grooming Kit, which is even more versatile than the previous shaver we looked at. It's a 5-in-1 because you can switch the style of its 4-bladed head to be used for the top of your skull or anywhere on your face. It's an ideal shaver for both facial hair and for maintaining a bald look.

The shaver is also equipped with a pop-up trimmer that’s the perfect accessory for tackling any hard to reach areas or for shaving/styling different parts of your beard. You can use the trimmer to fine-tune your sideburns or to mark where your beard and your bald head transitions more precisely.

The shaver neck is extremely flexible and you’ll find that no matter where you move it the shaver can maintain a stable and consistent pattern of trimming. Feel free to run it across the back of your head or any bumps on your skull without worry.

Unlike our top pick, however, this shaver isn’t waterproof so you’ll need to be careful when you wash it in the shower. It’s also a little pricier than the WMARK, but you still get a great amount of value when you take into consideration all of the different trimming functions you can get out of the single tool.


  • A long battery life of 45 minutes.
  • A USB port is included for travel-friendly charging!
  • The shaver neck is flexible and follows the contours of your face or head.
  • Contains a pop-up trimmer for difficult areas or contouring.
  • The small size and ergonomic grip make it a good pick for lengthy use.


  • This shaver is a bit pricey.
  • Not totally waterproof.

3. Dee Banna Electric Rotary Shaver

dee banna electric shaver

Finally, let’s look at the Dee Banna Electric Rotary Shaver. This shaver utilizes it’s five blades to deliver consistent performance all across your head. Because it can flex with the contours of your skull shape, you’ll receive the same depth and sharpness of cut no matter where you move it.

This shaver is particularly friendly to travelers since it has a handy USB port to allow it to be charged virtually anywhere and good battery life to boot. It also includes a travel lock that can prevent people from using it and draining the battery.

This waterproof shaver is a great pick if maintaining a bald head is your only objective, but it does lack any sort of attachment or functionality for trimming your beard or any other kind of hair. It’s okay to use to remove stubble, but not anything more than that.


  • This shaver includes a travel lock for protecting it while you’re away.
  • Totally waterproof for ease-of-use.
  • A USB port allows for mobile charging.
  • This shaver has great battery life of 45 minutes.


  • It’s not as good for use on a beard or for styling.


Let’s go over a few common questions surrounding the operation of an electric shaver for a bald head. While it is quite similar to the process you would use to shave your beard, there are a couple of unique ideas and aspects which we'll go over.

Can I Use the Shaver for my Beard?

This depends on the type of electric shaver that you've purchased. Some electric shavers for your bald head come with attachments that are specialized for shaving a beard. You cannot use the same attachment for your bald head on your beard and expect decent results since the attachment for shaving the top of someone's head is specifically shaped to follow the contours of a skull.

If you do have the right attachment, such as when you purchase a multipurpose electric shaver, go for it! You can even use the same kinds of shaving cream or shaving soap for both your beard and your head.

How Should I Prepare for Shaving my Head?

Shaving your head is a lot like shaving your beard in that you should definitely apply some kind of shaving soap or cream beforehand to both protect your skin and make the hairs at the surface of your skin stand up more straightly. Applying this should only take a few short seconds at which point you can begin to shave. The perfect tool for this is a shaving brush, as revealed in our shaving brush buyer's guide here.

As we previously stated, we recommend shaving your head in the shower to take advantage of your pores opening up when they are exposed to hot water. If you don’t have a waterproof electric shaver, simply take a hot, wet washcloth and scrub your head for about a minute before you apply your shaving cream and then you can go to work.

How Hard Should I Press?

A common mistake made by men who are learning how to shave their heads the first time is that they press down very hard with their electric shaver in an attempt to get a smoother head. This is a bad idea because it will only irritate your skin and might actually cause micro lesions or very small cuts on the surface of your head as a result.

All of the work and smooth results from a good shaving session is completely the result of the blades and how sharp they are. It’s easy to forget that you need to be careful and sensitive with your skin when you’re shaving an area other than your face, but it’s definitely important. Good skin health is not something to take lightly.

If you’re having trouble attaining the smoothness the desire, it’s probably a good sign that you need to purchase new blades and switch them out with the old ones.

Where Should I Shave my Head?

Shaving your head in the shower has another benefit in that it removes the need to clean up after the fact. If you can shave in the shower, shaving in your bathroom without a rug beneath your feet is the next best option since all of the tiny hair fragments that are likely to fall off your head during the shaving process can then be swept up with a minimum of hassle.


As you can see, there are plenty of great picks when it comes to electric shavers for use with maintaining your bald head. These delightful tools can drastically reduce the amount of time you need to spend in the bathroom and the speed of your morning routine all while being comfortable and easy to use. Get out there and rock your smooth, stylish head!