Finding a fog free shower mirror may seem simple, but there are a few things to look out for. Here are our top picks for the best fogless shower mirror.

There’s nothing like a good shave. In many ways, shaving during or right after a shower is the most efficient way to shave. Whether it’s just your face for a quick, clean look, or a full bald head shave, nothing beats the skin’s readiness for a shave after a shower. Why is that?

Likewise, what can you do about a mirror constantly fogging up? Fogless shower mirrors are everywhere online, but finding the perfect tool for a good shower shave can be tricky.

Our top pick for the best fogless shower mirror is the Sharper Image Heated Fog-Free Shower Mirror, but if the design, price point, or offerings are not to your liking, we’ve compiled a list of fogless shower mirrors below  that get the job done and make shaving in the shower easy.

Best Fogless Shower Mirror Overview

Our #1 Rated
Sharper Image Shower Mirror

Sharper Image Heated Fog-Free Shower Mirror

mDesign Shower Shaving Mirror

mDesign Large Modern Metal Suction Shaving Mirror

ProBeautify Anti Fog Shower Mirror

ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror

Magnic Shower Mirror

Magnic Fog Free 2 Piece Shower Mirror

Kai World Shop Bathroom Mirror

Kai World Shop Bathroom Mirror

Why Buy a Fogless Shower Mirror?

There are a few main perks to purchasing a fogless shower mirror. The first is something not many consider, but ought to keep in mind. That’s the skin’s ideal time to be shaved!

The Benefits of Shaving in the Shower

A lot of people choose to shave in the shower. It may sound crazy if you have never done it, but once you start, you will never want to go back. Believe it or not, some shave without a mirror in the shower and just try to feel for the areas of their face or head. This is tricky, and not always beneficial to a good look. Nevertheless, those who want the best shave in the shower require a fogless mirror. Other than the mirror, the typical shaving tools are required for a great shave. How do they play a role in a good shave when taking place in the shower?

Considerations for Shower Shaving

There are a lot of things to consider when shaving. First, of course, is the razor you are using. Shaving your face is one thing, but it's likely that when shaving your head you'll use a razor specifically designed for the task. Nevertheless, doing either requires a razor that offers control and fine tuned blades that offer a close shave. Next, the lather you utilize is important. There are various approaches to take depending on whether you are shaving a head or the face. Overall, these two essential tools lead to a great shave.

Why Shaving in the Shower is Best

There are a few key aspects of shaving in the shower that make it the optimum place and time of the morning or evening routine to trim everything from stubble to fully grown hair. First, the lather used to hydrate and froth the skin with soap to be shaved away is easiest to wash off in the shower. A running shower provides a much more steady, even flow of water than cupped hands tossing up water towards the face. This keeps less of a mess on the sink and everything down the shower drain.

Additionally, the steam of a hot shower may cause problems for fog-prone mirrors, but not the skin. The skin responds well to steam and heat for two reasons. One, skin soaks in the steam as a moisture, making the skin extra supple. Second, the steam is often caused by heat, which can cause the skin to perspire slightly, which often goes unnoticed because of all the shower water. Nevertheless, these three levels of moisture make the skin prime for shaving, and whether your head or face is in need of a trim, it’s a great time to do so.

All the moisture in the skin makes the blade of the razor glide easily into perfect shaving angles and close, smooth shaves. A smooth shave means less stubble left behind, and a better looking head or face. Overall, the moisture in the skin makes a bigger difference than the type of razor or brand of shaving cream or lather. The best thing you can do for the skin you shave is keep it hydrated and that’s more likely to occur when in the shower. Do yourself a favor, and begin to shave in the shower. Of course you can’t do that without a fogless mirror, so next, let’s discuss the different fogless shower mirror designs.

Fogless Shower Mirror Designs

shower mirror designs

For the most part, shower mirrors that tout a fogless feature system come in three key designs:

Suction Mirrors

These fogless shower mirrors function by holding on to the tile of the shower with suction cups. The great thing about this design is that no tools are needed, and best of all, it’s incredibly reliable. As long as the tiled surface is dry when applying the mirror to the walls, the mirror should not move. The suction cup helps to keep moisture out of the adhesive, and when applied to tile, is as durable as anything.

It’s nice that the suction cup also leaves very little markings, as opposed to other options. Many do find the suction cups to lose hold over time, but that would take quite a while, and they are easy to replace.

Adhesive/Sticky Mirrors

Adhesive designed mirrors for the shower are a bit different than suction cups. For one, they rely on sticky adhesive to ensure the tile and mirror stay conjoined. This immediately can call upon problematic worries to come to mind, such as moisture breaking down the adhesive. Like the suction cup option, the dry surface should meet the sticky adhesive with no issues. Even after 100 showers, the adhesive should not deteriorate. This option also causes some concern for those who have seen adhesives take a toll on wall surfaces.

Unlike paint, tile does not remove when getting rid of the adhesive. Likewise, paint is a much harder surface to stick to than tile laminate. Of course, these worries are usually based on poor application or tough to stick to paint, meaning that a properly applied adhesive shower mirror should have no issues for the user whatsoever.

Shower Head/Hanging Mirrors

Shower head mirrors, or hanging mirrors as they are aptly called, are another great option. With no concern for falling, a hanging fogless shower mirror is installed in one of three ways. The easiest and less intensive method is to find one that wraps around the existing shower head like a necklace and sits at the base of the shower hose.

Depending on the size of your shower head, finding a fogless mirror that will wrap around the unit may be tough. That’s why another popular way to install a shower head mirror is to not let it hang, but clasp. These designs work much like a microphone stand. A base wraps around the hose of the shower head and is tightened to fit around each individual shower setup. There are a lot of different types of shower heads, so this option helps to ensure that users can make their new fogless shower mirror fit no matter what.

The last form of shower mirror is the hardest to be installed, but very handy and durable. Some mirrors come with the ability to actually fasten the fogless mirror into the shower head. This makes it easy to keep your mirror in place no matter what, even when moving the shower head. The other designs featured in many fogless mirrors are somewhat permanent, in the sense that once they are applied, the adhesive or success of the suction cups are hindered slightly. Of course, this method requires the tools and know-how to remove the shower head and add the mirror into the configuration of the shower’s piping.

Which Should I Choose?

Whichever method seems best, go for it! There are a lot of options under each category. Before we break down the best fogless shower mirrors for shaving, let’s talk about some features to look out for while deciding which option is best for you.

Features Included in Fogless Shower Mirrors

A number of features are included in various fogless shower mirrors. Depending on what you are looking for, you may want to know all that is offered before buying one, and here are the most common features you find in brand’s products.

Rust Proof

Something a lot of people do not consider is the effect constant contact with water has on metal and other materials used for mirrors. Some will market their products as being rust resistant, which only means that a protective chemical has been placed on the aluminum or metal alloy being used to shape the mirror. Over time, that finish will wear off, and there’s not guarantee it will even last a year. Make sure to keep an eye out for rust proof fogless mirrors if the sight of that brown and orange build-up drives you mad.


A lot of people assume they’re going to be fine with just a single view of their face or head while shaving. Depending on your head and face size, as well as your eyesight, the ability to magnify a bit might come in handy. Some fogless mirrors, usually the hanging ones or directly installable designs, have the ability to rotate the mirror to a greater magnification. The second option is likely 2 times or 3 times as magnified as the normal mirror size. Consider your vision and comfort with shaving at a distance before picking something without the option to zoom in.


Mentioned briefly above, not all fogless shower mirrors offer the ability to move and rotate the mirror. That means some designs may have you stand in one single spot in order to use the reflection. Depending on your height, that could be really annoying, not to mention if multiple people will be taking advantage of the mirror. A 360 rotating mirror is high on many lists for fogless shower mirror features.

Razor Hooks

One of the simplest features of a fogless shower mirror that many overlook is a razor hook. Not only does this make it convenient to grab your razor and start shaving right away, but the design looks great as well. You’ll see a few with this option, and when you browse the images, you’ll notice just how sleek it looks to have your razor hanging conveniently under the mirror, ready to go when you are.

LED Lighting

Last but not least, a feature you may want to be on the lookout for is an LED light built into the mirror. Next time you shower, really notice how much light is in the shower when the curtain is closed. For many, it’s not much. Even if you can see fine, the extra light helps to illuminate stray hairs you might have missed. It also helps determine whether or not certain spots need another go around.

Now that we’ve gone over the different features to look out for when shopping fogless shower mirrors, let’s get to the top products to consider before buying.

Best Fogless Shower Mirrors

Our top choice was listed above, so we will start with this one before moving onto other designs and models.

1. Sharper Image Heated Fog-Free Shower Mirror

  • Our #1 Pick
best fogless shower mirror

This heated fogless shower mirror from Sharper Image has one thing many do not; the ability to heat itself to avoid fog and water droplets from collecting. How does it do this?

The Sharper Image Heated Fog-Free Shower Mirror connects directly into the shower head, meaning two things. First of all, it takes no extra power to heat the mirror, and two, it is secure and safe like explained above for the mounted mirror options. The Sharper Image option also requires no tools to install. Simply take the shower head, remove it, and insert the mirror between the hose and head. Twist in, and the mirror is ready to keep fog away and give you a clear look at your shave.

The mirror also features a razor hook to hold your razor, as well as a chrome finish that helps keep rust away and the mirror looking as elegant as the day you received it in the mail. Overall, the look and functionality of the Sharper Image Heated Fog-Free Shower Mirror is unmatched.

2. mDesign Large Modern Metal Suction Shaving Mirror

mDesign Shower Shaving Mirror

This particular mirror is nearly 25% of the cost of the Sharper Image mirror, so if the price scared you, have no fear.

The mDesign Large Modern Metal Suction Shaving Mirror is less costly, and actual features a few things the more expensive option does not. For example, there is an area to store a shaving cream bottle right underneath the mirror. If you use a shaving cream, that’s another convenient way to keep all shaving accessories in one area. Right underneath the shaving cream holder is the razor hook, where you can store the shaving tools you need to be clean and pristine. 

Of course, the mDesign Large Modern Metal Suction Shaving Mirror also features a finish that ensures fog stays off the mirror. The sleek frame provides a smooth, contemporary look, and does not look like its price point. For the cost, this option is a great way to get the job done while also providing a manner in which to shave safely and accurately. This option uses suction cups, so keep that in mind, depending on your opinion of that design choice.

3. ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror

ProBeautify Anti Fog Shower Mirror

Looking for a more traditional beauty mirror design for your fogless shower mirror? The ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror is a great choice. Featuring a suction cup design and application, the mirror stays put when applied to the perfect spot in the shower. The mirror is also guaranteed to stay fog free up to 100 degrees, meaning any shower you take will be more than enough for the mirror to handle.

You have options with the mirror too, thanks to the 360-degree rotating function to allow for easy viewing. There’s no hassle in the process either, thanks to the mirror’s ability to swivel smoothly to any angle needed, even those tough to see spots. The suction cup is also reusable, meaning that you can take this mirror with you on the go. In case you drop it while traveling or applying it to a new bathroom, the mirror is designed to be shatterproof, making it a sure fire way to travel safely with the quality shave you expect at home.

4. Magnic Fog Free 2 Piece Shower Mirror

Magnic Shower Mirror

This option is a little out of the box, but might appeal to some. Instead of applying the mirror with suction cups or adhesive, and without the trouble of installing the mirror on a shower head, the Fog Free 2 Piece Shower Mirror from Magnic provides an alternative option. Consider the shower curtain and its ability to withstand water, bodies bumping into it, and more. That would make it a great place to apply a mirror right? Well the Magnic mirror uses magnets to ensure the mirror stays up on your shower curtain even when moved and adjusted. Instead of struggling to find the perfect place to line up your adhesives, you can simply attach the mirror to your shower curtain or any bathroom you may be using. There is no other mirror like it on the market, but it can be tricky to match the mirrors up perfectly.

5. Kai World Shop Bathroom Mirror

Kai World Shop Bathroom Mirror

Another option for those looking for an outside of the ordinary fogless shower mirror design is the Kai World Shop Bathroom Mirror. This mirror is one of those clampable options that wrap around like a microphone stand. The design allows for a complete swivel of the mirror, which extends from the shower head and hose like a desk lamp. The design looks dynamic, and it works just the same.

If there was a mirror to buy for those who constantly like to shift in the shower, this would be it. The way that the mirror moves seems effortless and its angles endless. There are very little limitations to this mirror. Sure, you do not get the same frills like razor hooks and heated reflections, but guess what? Some just want an adjustable mirror for a low price, and this hits the nail on the head.


Shaving in the shower is tricky if your mirror does not prevent fog. Fog makes it hard to see, and impossible to shave evenly and accurately. Luckily, a lot of products are available to tackle this issue. Of course, not every mirror is created equal. Just because we’re suggesting the Sharper Image Heated Fog-Free Shower Mirror doesn’t mean its for you. Everyone has their opinions, and considering the features laid out in the article, you may find a cheaper, less dynamic option to be just right for you.

Depending on your shower head and preferences, the different designs of the fogless shower mirrors make it so anyone can enjoy the benefits of shaving in the shower. There are a lot of options on this list, and just because they are recommended products does not mean they will work for you. Browse the endless array of products online and find something that works for you and your bathroom. Trust us, as people who shave daily all over, you will not want to shave over a sink ever again.

One thing is for sure: shaving in the shower is the best way to shave. When fog is not a factor, you can expect a shave like no other.

The moisture that builds from the combination of water, steam, and sweat makes for a perfect shaving canvas. There are few shaves like a shower shave, and with a fogless mirror, you can expect a bald head to look flawless, or a face to look ready for the board room in no time. The little effort that it takes to shave in the shower is something you will never want to give up. Buy a fogless shower mirror today for the best shave of your life.