You’d be surprised how much difference a good razor can make. Less cuts, and a smoother shave. Here’s our pick for the best razor for shaving heads in 2019.

Shaving your head will never go out of style. It’s a timeless statement, worn by both celebrities and rugged everyday men alike (as well as some pretty badass women). It’s low-maintenance, it’s an iconic silhouette, and it makes simple outfits look effortlessly chic and dressed-up outfits look simple and tough.

Short on time? Our top pick is the Headblade ATX. It’s designed for the sole purpose of shaving your head, unlike the other razors on this list, and it's a joy to use.

Best Razors For Shaving Heads Overview

Our #1 Rated
best razor for shaving heads

Headblade ATX Razor

Merkur Safety Razor

Merkur Classic 3-Piece Safety Razor

gillette razor

Gillette Mach 3

parker safety razor

Parker 96R Long-Handle Safety Razor

As anybody who has ever tried shaving their own head will be able to tell you, it’s a task easier said than done. You might think that because you’re a pro at shaving your facial hair every morning, transitioning to shaving your own head with a razor will also be easy. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Sure, you could always use one of our recommended electric shavers, but with a traditional razor blade you'll get a much smoother shave.

Even if your hairline is receding, there’s still much more hair by volume/area on the top of your head than there is on your chin and lips. Furthermore, even though most people like to envision their heads as perfect circles, the fact is that everybody’s head has a different contour. You can’t just shave straight over your hairline and expect it to look uniformly good.

Luckily, you can make your experience a lot easier and less stressful by simply using a good razor. Using the average razors you can find at your local convenience store might not be able to cut it when it comes to shaving the top of your head.

To give you a hand, here we’ve collected some of the best options available. If you’re wondering what the best razors designed specifically for shaving heads are, this guide will help you pick. To start, we’ve assembled a buying guide. This section will help you if you’re considering an option we haven’t listed or you want to know what you should think about while buying. After that, we’ll follow up with some Frequently Asked Questions as well as our top pick for the best head razor money can buy.

Shopping for a Head-Shaving Razor: Things to Consider

If you’re new to this, it can be confusing to figure out how to determine a good razor: what should you be thinking about? What essential qualities are important to look for as a consumer? You might even be wondering how exactly we picked the razors on this list, or what we based our criteria on. That’s why in this section, we’ll go through some of the most important considerations when buying a razor to shave your head.


The style or model of razor is the single most important factor to consider when buying the best razor to shave your head. That’s because the kind that you buy can dramatically change the way you shave. There are three main types we’ll cover in this buying guide: standard, safety razor, and alternative.

Standard: This is what most people think of when you say the words, “shaving razor.” You can find them in three packs at grocery stores, made by big names like Gillette or Bic. They consist of a head, usually with at least three blades, and a handle that you can hold. This style has a couple of distinct benefits: it’s easy to use and easy to find. There are many available models, and finding replacement blades also isn’t hard. It’s also versatile enough that you can use it to shave your head or your beard or your body hair with the same level of convenience.

There are only two downsides to this kind of razor. First, they usually don’t give a particularly close shave. Second, they’re not purpose-built for shaving your head, so it can be a bit awkward to use them on the top of your head if you have a lot of volume up there. Otherwise, they’re a solid, everyday choice.

Safety Razor: This style is a holdover from a bygone age before disposable razors were popular and easy to come by. Usually made with a very solid construction, safety razors are great for anybody who likes tradition or durable design. Moreover, it's easy to get a very, very close shave with safety razors, though that power comes at a price: you have to pay a lot of attention to use a safety razor well, and it may come with a learning curve.

Alternative: There are also many razor styles which don't fall into an easily-defined category. One example is the Headblade ATX. These razors often have innovative designs and make some aspect or another of shaving easier than it is with traditional models. If you're willing to try something new, such razors might just suit your shaving style. The downside is that you might have to adjust your shaving routine to use something with a different design than what you're used to.


Another very important factor to take into consideration is the grip. When you shave your head, how do you usually position your hands? Do you hold a razor between your thumb and forefinger, or do you use your whole palm? Would you prefer the kind you can hold and move with just your fingertips, or is that not necessary?

If at all possible, look for razors with long, comfortable, ergonomic grips. They’ll give you the most freedom to use them in any style you please. If you buy a cheap razor with nothing but a basic plastic or metal grip, you can say goodbye to comfortable shaves.

It’s also important to remember here: shaving your head takes a lot more time than just shaving a beard. There’s a lot more hair and surface area to cover. In addition, you have to shave carefully around the contours of your skull and ears if you want to avoid any small, unsightly cuts and scrapes. Thus, having a razor with a well-designed grip is doubly important. You want to be able to hold it well even you’re only using one hand and your elbow is in the air and you’re reaching to shave the back of your head, which you can only see with a handheld mirror that you’re holding in the other palm.


Finally, the last factor is convenience. How often do you need to shave, and how long do you want it to take? Some razors are easy to shave with and don’t have much of a learning curve before you get used to them. Others will require that you put in a significant amount of time and effort before you can get anything approximating a good shave from them.

This also plays into the style of razor you end up getting. If you shave frequently but you don’t want each session to take very much time, then maybe a safety razor isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you don’t mind putting in a bit more effort in as long as it means you only have to shave once every week as opposed to twice a week, then a safety razor could be a great fit.

Best Razor for Shaving Heads

1. Headblade ATX Razor

best razor for shaving heads

This razor is the first on our list for a reason: it combines an innovative design, a playful sense of style, and the ability to deliver results, all in the same package. It's also what I personally love and use to shave my head at home!

Using the standard 4-blade version of this razor, I have never once cut my head while shaving - something that I wish I could say when I first started out shaving my head with all the other razors out there.

It’s possible to get this razor as part of a package totally designed by ATX. If you’re new to shaving your head and need to get started, it’s a great option that comes with quality shaving cream as well as blade replacements for when your first one dulls.

First things first: The Headblade ATX actually looks like a miniature ATV. You use it by attaching a razor and literally rolling it across your head. Clearly, this is a great razor for anybody with a sense of humor. More importantly, this design isn’t just for kicks. It actually works extremely well. By rolling the curved surface of the Headblade ATX across your head, you get a consistent, more level shave than you would if you were using a traditional razor.

There may be a slight learning curve with the Headblade ATX, as it is a different design than most people are used to. But don’t let that dissuade you. Even shaving your head with a normal razor will have a learning curve if you’ve never shaved anything besides your facial hair before. Picking up the Headblade ATX will probably just make that learning curve shorter than it would otherwise be, if anything.

In short: this might be a playful design to satisfy the vehicle and DIY lovers out there, but the Headblade ATX is also one of the most efficient and innovative head shaving razors on the market. It has a slight learning curve, but if you can get over that then you can’t go wrong with this choice.


  • Fun and playful design
  • Innovative approach specifically designed for shaving your head
  • Easier to use than a safety razor or even a normal disposable one
  • Gives a very consistent and even shave


  • Might have a bit of a learning curve at first
  • Not for the humorless head shavers out there

2. Merkur Classic 3-Piece Safety Razor

Merkur Safety Razor

Make no mistake: this is a razor for the traditionalists. There’s something ineffably masculine about shaving with a safety razor: the heavy feel of steel in your hand, the attention required, the clean, almost superhumanly close shave you can get from it.

Of course, any safety razor like this comes with a couple of caveats. There's a reason they're not so widely used anymore. For starters, this will be a little bigger and heavier than comparable razors.

Moreover, safety razors come with a definite learning curve. A large reason they’re not that widely used anymore is simply that they take a lot more effort to correctly use. You have to pay close attention if you want to shave without giving yourself a couple of nicks and small cuts. If you know you just want the quickest and most convenient shave you can get before running out the door to work in the morning, another option on this list might suit you better.

That said, having the diligence and dedication to use a safety razor can also pay off in a major way. No other razor on this list will give you a closer, more consistent shave than this one, even the specifically-designed Headblade ATX. If you’re after a quality shave no matter the cost, this safety razor from Merkur is a great choice even despite the drawbacks.

Also, safety razor blades are extremely cheap in comparison to blades for disposable razors. You can expect to pay less than a dollar for replacements when your first goes dull.


  • A classic choice
  • Sturdy and durable enough to last years
  • German design and construction
  • Gives a shave of unparalleled closeness and consistency — if you can use it right
  • Replacement blades are cheap and easy to find


  • Large and relatively heavy
  • Takes skill, practice, and a wicked learning curve to use well
gillette razor

Gillette is probably the most well-known name in the world when it comes to men’s razor’s, and that’s certainly no accident. The Mach 3, one of their flagship designs, is incredibly easy to use and can be found everywhere. In all likelihood, it’s one of the most popular razors in the world.

The Mach 3 comes with 3 in-line blades to give you a close shave for less effort. Rather than having to deal with only one blade per stroke, you get 3. Theoretically, this saves you time, effort and a whole lot of skin irritation.

This is an especially good choice if you need a razor for shaving your head bald, but you also need one for shaving facial or bodily hair. It’s super easy to use and adaptable to any situation, whereas you may find the more purpose-specific razors on this list are a bit difficult to use if you’re not shaving your head and your head alone. Convenience alone makes this a great choice for almost any user.

The Mach 3 isn’t the most durable razor on this list. It won’t last you more than a few years at the most. In addition, it won’t get you as clean a shave as a safety razor like the Merkur will, and it’s not purpose-built for shaving heads like the Headblade ATX. You may find that it takes a little effort to adapt it for shaving the top of your head. That said, versatility and convenience are worth a lot, and the Mach 3 has both in spades.


  • Convenient to use; very little learning curve
  • Easy to find and inexpensive
  • Versatile
  • Doesn’t require much time or effort


  • Not the most ergonomic or purpose-built for shaving your head
  • Won’t get you the closest or cleanest shave
parker safety razor

Finally, we have one more safety razor for the traditionalists reading this article. Just like the Merkur design listed above, this is a sturdy, traditional design that should last you years. Unlike the Merkur, however, this one has a longer handle than is standard, making it great if you have trouble reaching the back of your head or if you care a lot about ergonomics.

Of course, the Parker 96R comes with all the same drawbacks as any safety razor. It’s a bit difficult to use and there’s a steep learning curve. But once you figure it out, getting a great shave will be incredibly easy and quick in comparison to standard razor models.


  • A classic and durable choice
  • More ergonomic even than competing safety razors
  • The best to get a close, clean shave
  • Traditional and old-timey appeal


  • Has a steep learning curve
  • Bigger and heavier than other safety razors

Head Shaving FAQ

Can I use the same shaver for my head and my beard?

Of course! Nothing is stopping you from using the same razor for both. Of course, it’s entirely possible that you’ll want to use separate ones, especially if you find shaving your head with a standard razor is a bit on the difficult side.

What’s the best way to shave my head?

It’s different for everybody! That said, if you have a normal ritual for shaving your facial hair that works for your skin, you can probably assume you should do the same for the top of your head. You should also definitely use some kind of lubricant, like shaving cream or oil (learn the difference here) as doing so will protect your skin and ensure you don’t inadvertently cut yourself. If you find yourself having some trouble, then try shaving in the shower as the warm water will open up your pores and make shaving a little easier.

Is there anything I should look out for when shaving my head?

It’s slightly different from shaving your facial hair, and many people forget that they can still get cut just as easily on the top of their head because they’re not dealing with their face anymore. So it’s important to remember to be equally careful, even when shaving your head.

Also, your skull isn’t perfectly round, and you’ll have to shave around its contours on the back and side of your head. Rather than getting frustrated and pressing too hard, remember to be gentle and just try a different angle or grip. Razor burn is no more fun on the back of your head than it is on your upper lip.


When it comes to choosing the right razor for shaving your head, options abound. Though it might be confusing at first, finding a razor that works well for you actually isn’t too difficult. You just have to know what style you want and what your needs are. With that in mind, good luck!