Having a bald head means that you’ll need a pair of shades to go with your specific head shape. Here are the best sunglasses for bald guys in 2019.

Especially as the weather heats up, everyone needs a great pair of shades to block out the sun’s rays. For us bald guys, sunglasses often look and feel a bit different than for those with a full head of hair. Plus, a bald head means that you can pull off a pair of statement sunglasses, which can’t be said for everyone!

The best sunglasses for bald men are a pair with prominent lenses, top-quality frames, and a modern style. Our top pick is the Ray-Ban Justin Classic for their stunning lenses and great look on any bald head.

Here, we’ll go over a selection of sunglasses for bald heads, what to look for when you shop, and the top sunglasses retailers to check out.

Best Sunglasses for Bald Guys Overview

best sunglasses for bald guys

Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses Tr8116

sunglasses for shaved heads

Ray-Ban, Justin RB4165, Unisex Classic Sunglasses

latch round sunglasses

Oakley Men’s Latch Round

Shopping for Sunglasses: Factors to Consider

When shopping for sunglasses for bald heads, you’ll need to consider more than the average person to find a comfortable, flattering pair. Being bald means that your face shape and facial features are accentuated--your sunglasses should complement both. Read more about these factors below.

Face Shape

A bald head has a more prominent face shape than one with hair. This is a factor that just about everyone considers before deciding whether or not to shave their head. When you’re bald, it will be easier than ever to tell whether you have:

  • A square face shape
  • A circular face shape
  • An oblong face shape
  • A heart face shape
  • A diamond face shape
face shapes

Different face shapes can pull off certain sunglasses styles better than others. After determining which face shape you have, stick to these general tips as you seek out the ideal pair of shades:

  • Bald men with square-shaped faces will achieve a balanced look with round, medium-sized frames. The rounded lines will offset the square angles of your face.
  • Those with circular and heart-shaped faces should opt for thin, angular frames. These will add a structured look to your face without overwhelming it will frames that are too thick.
  • Those with oblong face shapes can wear prominent, angular frames. Large sunglasses work well with oblong shapes by breaking up the face for visual interest.
  • Diamond face shapes are rare--if you have one, opt for simple rectangular frames in a moderate size.

Color and Style

With a bald head, the style of your sunglasses will stand out and make a statement. So, you want to make sure the style of sunglasses you choose is one that you love and that flatters your skin tone.

The available styles of sunglasses for men today are seemingly endless, but some of the most popular are:

  • Wayfarer
  • Clubmaster
  • Keyhole
  • Aviators
  • Round
  • Pilot
  • Rectangle

Bald guys can pull off any and all of these sunglasses styles; it all comes down to your preferences and what you feel the most comfortable in.


Bald heads can often mean dealing with more sweat and oily skin. Sunglasses for your bald head, therefore, need to be easy to clean on a regular basis. You never want oil to sit on a pair of sunglasses between wears, as you could spread bacteria on your skin by doing so.

Look out for frames with ridges that could trap oil and sweat. To clean your sunglasses after a long day, use warm water and a clean cloth. For a deep clean to remove stubborn dirt and oil, use a few drops of gentle dishwashing liquid and rinse thoroughly.

Popular Sunglasses Brands

The huge number of sunglasses brands out there today can seem overwhelming for anyone. Bald guys can find a fantastic pair of sunglasses from all different brands. That being said, to narrow down your search, we’ve provided a handful of trusted and popular sunglasses brands to check out today.


Around since 1937, Ray-Ban is a hugely popular American sunglasses brand. On the upper end of the price spectrum, Ray-Ban sunglasses deliver on both style and quality. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer style is well-loved and flattering on many different face shapes--it’s definitely an option for bald men to consider. This brand is also known for its Aviator sunglasses, which are a trendy choice if you’re looking to make a statement and own a fun pair of summer sunglasses.


Oakley has been around since 1975 and is based out of California. This brand of sports gear is widely known for its attractive and ergonomic eyewear. Oakley sunglasses provide a sporty look and are designed for secure, comfortable wear. For sunglasses to wear as you partake in outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and running, Oakley is an awesome choice.


For an affordable pair of sunglasses that ticks every box, check out the Duduma brand. Duduma puts out a selection of sports sunglasses with streamlined designs and exceptional durability. It’s a good choice for men on a budget who still need great sunglasses for all-day wear. The majority of sunglasses offered by Duduman have rectangular frames with polarized lenses for comfort in intense sunlight.

The Best Sunglasses for Bald Guys

If you’re struggling to find a pair of sunglasses that looks great on a bald head, you may jump to regret the decision to shave your head. But, there’s absolutely no reason to! With numerous great sunglasses for bald heads, you’ll be loving your baldness in no time. 

We’ve sought out a collection of the absolute best sunglasses for men with bald heads and listed them below. Check out the specifications, pros and cons of each to find the perfect option for you!

1. Duduma Polari​​​​zed Sports Sunglasses Tr8116

best sunglasses for bald guys


These sports sunglasses from Duduma offer a simple and sleek design at a budget-friendly price. The black, rectangular frames flatter many face shapes and skin tones, making this pair a reliable choice for bald men. 

The Tr8116 sunglasses have polarized, high-definition impact protection lenses. So, these lenses provide superior sun protection and durability--an amazing feature if you’re an outdoor sportsman! The polycarbonate frames are scratch and impact resistant as well (not to mention simple to clean).

These sunglasses are super lightweight, so they’ll sit comfortably on your face all day long. Additionally, the lenses block out 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm--you’ll be able to spend time in the sun without a single worry of damage to your eyes.


  • The polarized frames offer superior sun protection and are super durable.
  • The rectangular-shaped frames have soft lines to flatter all different face shapes and are the ideal thickness for bald heads.
  • These sunglasses are a fitting choice for outdoor sports because of the lightweight, comfortable, and secure design. The legs are made to stay on as you run, bike, ski, climb, etc.
  • The affordable price of these Duduma shades won’t easily be beaten!
  • These glasses come with a lifetime breakage warranty, so you don’t have to worry if damage strikes.


  • The look of these Duduma shades is sporty and casual, which may not satisfy those seeking to make a style statement.
  • These sunglasses have a rubber grip strip at the temple for a secure fit as you move. But, this rubber strip can easily trap oil and may be tricky to clean.

2. Ray-Ban, Justin RB4165, Unisex Classic Sunglasses

sunglasses for shaved heads


For a classic, stylish, and masculine look, check out this pair of sunglasses from Ray-Ban. Due to the clean lines and simple design of these shades, they’re a great option if you’re unsure of what will flatter your face shape. This design will look excellent on virtually any bald head--you can count on it.

The coveted Ray-Ban logo makes this pair of shades sought-after and widely loved. The rectangular lenses and slightly rounded frame with medium thickness offer a distinguished look that won’t overwhelm the face. The lenses offer 100% UV protection coating to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s rays.

If you wear glasses, the Ray-Ban Justin shades could be a fitting choice. They’re rx-able so that you can add prescription lenses and enjoy clear, sun-protected vision. Additionally, these plastic shades are lightweight for complete comfort all day.


  • The timeless style looks great on bald heads of all face shapes.
  • These lenses are prescription ready for those with vision impairment.
  • The top-quality plastic construction is super lightweight and easy to clean between uses.
  • A case with a cleaning cloth is included.


  • The lenses of these sunglasses aren’t polarized and, therefore, don’t provide as much sun protection as other options. You may experience uncomfortable glare in high sunlight.
  • Given then Ray-Ban is a designer brand, these sunglasses come with a high price tag.

3. Oakley Men’s Latch Round

latch round sunglasses


For some variety, we’ve included this pair of outstanding round men’s sunglasses from Oakley. The keyhole style is both bold and timeless--it’s a great choice for bald men with square and angular faces. With a plastic frame and lenses, these sunglasses are lightweight for comfort while still providing durability and stress-resistance.

These shades include Oakley’s patented High Definition Optics. This feature offers incredible optical clarity and super sharp vision at all angles so that you’ll love wearing these sunglasses all day long. Plus, these lenses filter out 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm for complete sun protection.

These attractive frames also include a built-in clip so that you can secure them to your shirt. This is exceptionally convenient if you’ll be moving in and outdoors and will require varying levels of sun protection. The frames also feature three-point fit so that they’ll stay perfectly in place as you move.

These Oakley shades come in with a mid-range price. It’s a good option if you’re willing to spend than the affordable Duduma shades cost, but don’t quite have the funds for a pricey pair of Ray-Bans.


  • These Oakley lenses offer powerful sun protection and High Definition Optics.
  • The three-point fit and lightweight plastic design ensure all-day comfort when you wear these sunglasses.
  • The unique round design is flattering and will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • The built-in shirt clip allows you to keep track of your shades when you’re not wearing them.


  • The round design of these frames may not flatter bald men with round faces.
  • Unlike many other sunglasses options, these Oakley shades don’t come with a case included.


Being a bald man, you can find plenty of great pairs of sunglasses to simultaneously compliment your face shape and protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Here, we’ve outlined the best sunglasses for bald guys, as well as plenty of tips to keep in mind as you shop. With your new pair of sunglasses, you can out into with sun with confidence and style (just don’t forget the SPF!).