So, you regret shaving your head after thinking it was a great idea. It’s ok! Here are some helpful tips to help you feel better about it and embrace it.

It's OK.

It’ll take you a little while to get used to it, but it will be well worth it.  Read on and learn why and how it can turn into a liberating, life-enhancing experience.

From my own standpoint, I was going bald slowly over time, clinging to every hair that fell out, and saying a tearful good-by as I flushed them down the sink.  Or, I’d pull a handful from a brush and give them last rites.

I think my hair was making a bid for freedom in my early twenties.  Like a contortionist, I tried every trick in the book. Flap over, back to front, wings on the sides that tilted upward.  You name it, and I tried it. I began to look like a circus clown.

But, the 50-50 rule had grabbed me by the short hairs.  Research says that fifty percent of men will experience some kind of male pattern baldness by the time they are 50.  Worldwide, men spend about $3.5 billion annually trying to hide or reverse natural hair loss. Good luck.

Bald Men Are More Dominant and Confident

Research in Social Psychological and Personality Science had participants rate photos of men with full heads of hair against the same group with their hair digitally removed.  Behold! The bald men were rated as being:

  • 13 percent more dominant
  • 6 percent more confident
  • 10 percent more masculine
  • About an inch taller
  • 13 percent stronger
  • Nearly four years older

Next, the researchers added men whose hair was thinning, but not bald.  Again, completely bald men were perceived to be more dominant, more masculine, stronger and having better leadership skills.  

The men with thinning hair fared much worse in studies than either bald men or those with a full head of hair.  And, it made no difference in the race of men, be they African American or Caucasian.

The message from the study was that if you’re going bald, embrace it.  Shaved heads have a unique beauty all their own.

Looking Good Bald Takes Thought and Work

Don’t think for a moment that you can just shave your head, and the world will perceive you as being dominant, strong and a natural leader.  When you shave your head, you have to work at it and develop a total package.

Throw out the ratty, ill-fitting T-shirts and the baggy, dirty blue jeans.  Take pride in yourself. Dress better, get yourself in better shape and make bald look good.

This article is for guys, who feel as if bald is not working and need tips on how to look good bald.  Here we go:

Totally Bald or Leave Some Stubble

First of all, it boils down to personal preference about whether you should shave your head with a razor or use stubble trimmers.  Jason Statham is a good example of a man who leaves stubble on his head and on his face. The total effect is macho.

i shaved my head and i regret it

A man with a round face and head may need some stubble on his head to differentiate between where the face ends and the head begins.  You need to maintain this stubble look because, as the stubble gets longer, you can end up looking like a hairy fuzz ball, if it’s not maintained.

Make sure you shave it off or use trimmers once a week to keep your head looking fresh.

A Gleaming Head or the Natural Look

Not everyone looks great with a shiny head.  Many African Americans look great with it, but Caucasians need to be more selective.  The only way you can really tell is to give the waxed head look a try and see how people react.

To keep your head shiny, use a head polish.  The polish will also moisturize and sooth the skin.  If you decide to go with the natural look, use a matte head cream aftershave balm to make sure your head continues to be moisturized, and to soothe your skin and reduce razor burn.

Protect Your Bald Head

Keep your head protected from sunburn.  It can look comical and unprofessional if your burned head begins to peel.  Dead skin falling off your head and on to your shoulders virtually destroys the image you are trying to project. If this is happening to you, check out our article on how to fix a dry, peeling head.

Your skin can become very dry when there’s no hair there to protect it from the elements.  A good skin moisturizer is mandatory. If you are already using one for your face and body, it should work for your head.

Hydrate your bald head with natural skin creams that have many essential oils necessary to eliminate dryness.  Oils like jojoba oil, shea butter and aloe vera work very well. 

To help the process along even further, make sure you are using shampoo, and not soap on your head in the shower.

Bald and Pale Don’t Mix

Studies have shown that having a tanned bald head and face, just look better.  Golden, tanned skin gives off the illusion of good health, high energy and confidence.  Getting rid of the pasty, white look should be one of your first objectives.

How people react and treat you will be significant when you have just a slight tan. When you’ve taken the big step of shaving your head, but not obtaining a golden look, some folks might even think you’re experiencing some type of illness.  Bald and pale are not good.

Also, if you’ve been out in the sun before you shaved your head, there may be tan lines that make your head look weird.  It doesn’t look good to have a tanned face, partially tanned top, and white sides to your face.

You’re after a healthy glow, and there are several ways to achieve this objective.  Get out in the sun and enjoy, or go to a tanning salon and relax. But, don’t get fried. The other alternative is an instant fix; using tanning cream, but not in excess.  An orange color is not the look you’re after.

Once you’ve obtained a healthy glow, you may notice a big difference in the way people perceive and react to you.

Manicured Beards Can Look Great

What a paradox.  Too much testosterone leads to too much DHT in your system that kills hair follicles on your head.  This covers your head with loose, limp, wispy strands of hair. But, volla.  It has the opposite effect on your beard, which now becomes full and bushy.

A close cropped, good-looking beard might be just the look you’re seeking, especially if you’re a business man on the rise.

It really doesn’t matter what bearded facial look you choose, as long as it fits your face. Try different looks, but keep the edges sharp and neatly trimmed.

You can always shave it off, if it’s not the look you wish to achieve.

bald and beard

Sunglasses Are Cool

Sunglasses can frame your face and make your overall appearance look dominating. Personally, I like the aviator style. I’ve never been in a fighter plane, but I don’t mind looking like a pilot. Make sure to check out our top picks for sunglasses that go great with a shaved head

Remember, everyone has their own preference.  Difference sizes of heads need different types of glasses.  If you wear glasses full time, and want to project a certain look, make sure they are tinted.

It also depends on the type of clothing you wear.

Stand Out Wearing Nice Clothing

Now that you are tanned and have cool sunglasses, start to wear newer, nice clothing that makes your bald dome an essential part of the overall new you.

Throw out the hoodies, baggy pants, ratty old t-shirts, and jeans with holes and multiple spots.  You’re projecting a new, dominant, and confident image. People will see you in a whole different light if you dress for success.

Start with collared shirts.  Paul Frederick has a fantastic selection of high-collared dress and casual shirts.  They can be purchased online.

When you have a chrome dome, there’s a lot of skin showing, and you want viewers to be grasping the overall effect without focusing on your neck.  If you have a chicken neck, keep it covered.

Wear shirts that fit.  The stitching on the shoulder of the shirt should end at the beginning of your shoulder as it slopes downward.  Don’t wear a shirt that looks like a tent. People will think you purchased it at a tent and awning company.

You can unbutton the collar slightly to give a more rugged look to your ensemble.

Color coordinate your clothing.  For instance, a brown and white patterned shirt looks great with brown or light tan slacks and brown shoes.  Either loafers or lace dress shoes will do, but make sure they are polished.

No white socks with the new look, please.  Wear dark brown, blue or black socks that match your slacks.  You don’t want to destroy the overall effect. Nothing will do it faster than white athletic socks.

The most important thing for bald guys is to have style.  Make your first impression dynamite!

Hit the Gym and Trim Weight

You want to look your best as a bald guy.  It doesn’t matter how tall you are, but it does matter that flab is taking a permanent holiday.  Work out, trim weight and build confidence. To look good bald, you want to look buff, tan and proud in great looking clothing.

Once you’re a regular at the fitness center, you’ll see a difference in your facial features.  A thinner face provides a natural frame through the jaw line, and muscle structure will become more pronounced.

Even if you’re not overweight, getting trim and building muscle can result in your face taking on a more chiseled look that enhances the bald appearance.  Think Dwayne Johnson.

Conclusion - Baldies Rejoice!

See, it wasn’t a terrible mistake to shave your head.  Bald dudes are perceived as being more intelligent, dominant, and sexier than men who have a full head of hair.  That is, of course, if you’ve followed the above advice on how to look terrific and act confident. Make yourself stand out.

Being bald also increases perceived social dominance, according to a study by Dr. Frank Muscarella from Barry University in Florida.  In his study, he rated men in a variety of categories and included factors like honesty, intelligence and social status.

Once he crunched the numbers, he found that generally, people perceived bald men as being more honest, intelligent and dominant, and being bald increases men’s perceived social dominance.

Guess what?  Women are attracted to signs of high social dominance in men.  Well, darn. That’s what I like to hear. I’m sure you want to be a highly intelligent, sexy, dominant man, who everyone respects.  So get busy building that new image.

Drop us a line and let us know what you’re struggling with and what your successes have been.  I’d like to know, and maybe we can learn more together.