There are some places you might forget about when trimming hair, like your nose. Nose hair waxing is a fast and easy way to get rid of unsightly nose hairs.

Prominent nose hair is a nagging issue that men and women alike must often deal with. While the choice to get rid of nose hair is entirely up to you, some people may struggle to find an effective nose hair removal tactic.

The question of how to get rid of nose hair is one that’s debated by cosmetologists and other hair removal experts. While plenty of options exist, nose waxing is one of the quickest and most efficient.

Waxing provides lasting results without breaking the bank like laser hair removal and other pricey hair removal treatments. Plus, many people find waxing to be less painful than tweezing, which is a common method for hair removal on the face.

Read on to learn more about nose hair waxing and how it could work for you.

Why Do People Wax Nose Hair?

Are you wondering why people wax nose hair in the first place? Well, nose waxing is mainly done for aesthetic purposes. Many people have nose hair that's quite thick, dark, and noticeable. While this is completely normal and nothing to stress out over, some people feel more comfortable in social situations with a waxed nose.

If you have a bald head, facial hair of any kind is more visible and prominent. So, your nose hair may seem to be accentuated with a bald head. As such, many bald individuals look into how to get rid of nose hair so that they can feel more confident about their appearance. (Wondering how facial hair can impact your appearance as a bald man? Look into whether or not to grow a beard with a shaved head).

If you dislike the look of your nose hair when you stare into the mirror, nose hair removal may be something to consider. For certain individuals, it can cause a major boost in confidence and an improved self-image.

Do you need an extra boost of confidence as a bald individual? Check out these tips for looking great with a bald head.  

Appearance certainly isn't everything, but we all want to feel as confident and as comfortable as possible at work, at social events, and even at home with our loved ones. If nose hair removal provides a step toward a more confident you, then it's a cosmetic treatment that's well worth it.

nose hair closeup

Benefits of Waxing

Nose hair waxing offers unique benefits when compared to other hair removal methods. Consider these benefits before deciding which removal tactic is right for you.

Slow Hair Growth Over Time

When you wax nose hair, you’re removing the hair directly from the root. When you shave, you’re only cutting off the exposed part of the hair, not the entire root and follicle. As a result, waxing slows down the hair growth process, keeping hair from growing back as quickly, or as dark and thick, over time. So, you won’t have to worry about re-waxing your nose hairs for at least a few weeks, possibly even a month. To maintain nose hairs with the trimming method, you would have to pick up the trimmers at least once per week.

Eliminate Risk for Cuts and Nicks

Especially when you use an electric trimmer to remove nose hairs, you’re putting yourself at risk for small cuts and nicks. Depending on how deep a cut is, it can cause scarring and discoloration; none of us want a lasting reminder of the time that we cut ourselves trimming nose hair.

Waxing all but eliminates the chances that you’ll get a cut while removing your nose hair. If done right, waxing pulls out the entire follicle, leaving the surrounding skin intact. You’ll be left with healthy, hair-free skin in your nostrils.

Achieve Smoother Skin

Waxing is a hair removal method that can help you achieve the smoothest possible skin. Since waxing pulls out the entire hair, not just the exposed portion, it reduces your chances for getting bumps or stubble. Trimming your nose hairs may cause unwanted bumps and even ingrown hairs that will take time to heal.

Part of the reason why waxing helps your skin stay smooth is that it doesn’t spread bacteria and excess sebum like electric trimming does. As you run an electric trimmer across your skin, it can cause bacteria to get into your pores, which may result in bumps and ingrown hairs. The waxing method keeps your pores clear for smooth, healthy skin. 

Excess sebum can cause bumps and ingrown hairs on your bald scalp, too. Read more about razor bumps on your head so that you know how to tackle this common issue.

Waxing Drawbacks

While waxing is the preferred hair removal method for many people, it does come with a handful of drawbacks. Consider these before deciding to wax your nose so that you know what to expect.

  • Risk of Removing Important Nose Hair

What many people don’t realize is that nose hair is important to healthy body function. Nose hair filters out toxins, bacteria, and other pathogens in the air we breathe, which helps to prevent infection and sickness. If you’re not careful, nose waxing may result in the removal of your important nose hairs, which are further back in your nostrils than the visible hairs, and you may become susceptible to harmful organisms from the environment.

  • Heat Sensitivity

Waxing involves applying heated wax directly to your skin. While this doesn’t bother everyone, those with skin that’s extra-sensitive to heat may struggle with the sensation. To help avoid this drawback, look for waxing kits with wax that melts at a low temperature.

  • Risk of Removing Surrounding Skin

As you pull wax from the surface of your skin, you risk removing not only the hair from the root, but also the top layer of surrounding skin. The skin on your nostrils is sensitive, so this may result in skin damage. This downside is one reason why enlisting the help of a professional to wax your nose is often a wise decision.

Nose Waxing Methods

If you’ve made the decision to wax your nose, you can either choose to complete the process at home or to head to a salon and have it done by a professional. You can achieve successful nose hair removal waxing either at home or in a salon, but one method may be a better fit for your needs. Below, you’ll find the main features of at-home and in-salon nose hair removal.

nose waxing methods

At Home

The most affordable way to wax your nose hairs is to purchase a kit, either online or at a cosmetics store, and do it at home. While this method is convenient and budget-friendly, it also requires extra care. You have to make sure to thoroughly review the instructions, understand the cautions, and look over troubleshooting tips. These steps will up your odds of being able to wax nose hair successfully.

Before you wax your nose at home, make sure to clean the inside of your nose. This step is essential to make sure that your pores stay clear and that you don’t get ingrown hair. One method for cleaning your nostrils is to cover your finger in a wet, warm cloth and carefully placing in inside of your nostrils.

In a Salon

If you’re willing to spend a bit more cash, getting your nose waxed by a professional in a salon is one way to ensure that you stay safe and avoid mishaps. In-salon waxing is a great option if you’re waxing your nose for the first time and could benefit from professional guidance.

To wax nose hair at a salon, consider enlisting the help of an esthetician. Estheticians are skin care experts and perform a variety of cosmetic treatments, including waxing. These licensed beauty professionals are highly knowledgeable about skin health and can give you insight into the best waxing options for you. Estheticians generally work in salons, spas, or in private practice.

Types of Wax

When it comes to waxing nose hair, or hair virtually anywhere else on your body, there are two main types of wax that you can use: hard wax and wax strips. Both wax varieties may be purchased from a variety of retailers and are effective in hair removal. Read more about the benefits of each below.

Hard Wax

The traditional type of wax used for hair removal is hard wax. Hard wax doesn’t use any type of strip or cloth to remove the wax from the surface of your skin. Instead, the warm wax is applied to the skin (typically using a small wooden stick), you wait a set amount of time for the wax to harden, and then the entire section of wax is pulled from the skin.

Hard wax is preferable to wax strips for many individuals because it doesn’t adhere itself to the skin, so the removal process is less painful. Additionally, there’s less of a chance that a layer of skin will be taken off when the wax is removed. Hard wax is also melted at a low temperature, so you won’t feel a burning sensation when the wax is applied.

The Femiro Hair Removal Home Waxing Kit is a top-rated and easy to use hard wax kit. It features natural hard wax beans that melt quickly in the included electric heater. The wax is safe for sensitive skin and works anywhere on your body, including your nose.  

Wax Strips

Wax strips are popular for at-home hair removal because they simplify the wax application process. Instead of applying loose wax with a stick or applicator, all you have to do is place the strip over the area you’re seeking to wax. Wax strips are the most common for use on large areas of the body like the legs or back, but some wax strips for nose hair removal exist, too.

Wax strips aren’t recommended by some beauty experts for use on nose hair. This is because strips don’t provide the same level of precision as hard wax, and you may end up removing important hair within the nose. If you do choose to use strips for nose hair waxing, read the instructions thoroughly and be conscientious throughout the process.

Our Picks for Best Nose Hair Waxing Products

There are plenty of nose waxing kits on the market today, but some are better than others. Here, we’ve gathered our top two nose waxing kits for at-home nose hair removal. With proper use, you can safely and effectively wax nose hair at home using these kits.

NAD's Nose Wax for Men & Women

nose hair waxing for men

The Nad’s Nose Wax Kit is one of the safest and easiest at-home nose removal kits around. The safe tip applicator reaches just inside of your nose to wax only the hair that’s visible, not the hair that you need for proper sinus function. This is a hard wax kit that shows results that last up to a month. This kit is one of our favorites because it’s super easy to use, (just heat the wax up in the microwave), and the applicator takes any guesswork out of the waxing process.

Kenashii Nose Wax Kit

Kenashii nose wax

The Kenashii Nose Wax Kit is well-loved among customers and provides results that last up to four weeks. It includes 100 grams of hypoallergenic wax that even those with sensitive skin can use. Plus, it comes with 20 hair removal sticks - a great value considering this kit’s low cost - so that you can maintain wax-free nostrils for many months to come.

Alternatives to Waxing

Waxing is a good solution for nose hair removal for some people, but not for everyone. Luckily, there are other options available so that you can get rid of nose hair in a way that you’re comfortable with. Below, you’ll find the main alternatives to nose hair waxing that people utilize today.

  • Electric Trimming

Using an electric trimmer to get rid of nose hair is an easy and popular hair removal method. Electric nose hair trimmers are easy to find both online and in-store. Using an electric trimmer, as opposed to trimming hair the traditional way, is faster and more efficient. While trimming your nose hair won’t keep it from growing back again, it’s a practical option for temporary hair removal.

If you want a top-notch nose hair trimmer that will get the job done right, we recommend the ConairMAN Battery-Powered Ear/Nose Trimmer. This awesome trimmer is designed with a 360-degree bevel cutting system that won’t pull on hairs, providing an ultra-precise trim without nicks or discomfort. The 3-bevel blade is shaped like a diamond and enables you to make a close, even edge along the nostrils. We also love that this trimmer is battery operated; the compact structure is portable and can easily fit in a suitcase for travel.

  • Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most costly hair removal methods, but also one of the most effective. You typically only have to have a laser treatment once, because the light damages hair follicles and keeps them from growing back in the future. Laser hair removal is an attractive hair removal method because it’s considered to be permanent and virtually zero-maintenance; you won’t have to deal with that unwanted hair again.

While many people opt to have laser hair removal performed by a professional, there are available products to complete the process at home. The Tumakou-T6 IPL Hair Removal System is a handheld laser hair removal tool that you can purchase online. It emits IPL light disintegrates hair pigment, causing the hair to shed naturally. This tool can be used virtually anywhere on the body and prevents hair from growing back, too.

  • Manual Trimming with Scissors

If you’re wondering how to trim nose hair without an electric trimmer, the answer is simple: scissors! There are small scissors designed especially for this purpose. While using small scissors to trim nose hair is less efficient than electric options, it’s also relatively safe and low-risk. It may be a good option if you just have a few prominent nose hairs that you want to clip off and if you want to steer clear of the important nose hair at the back of your nostrils.

  • Tweezing

Tweezing nose hair removes the hair from the root, just as with waxing. But, it requires you to remove one hair at a time, which is both painful and time-consuming. With more efficient and less painful options available, few people choose to tweeze their nose hair. That being said, if it’s your preferred method, just be sure to clean the tweezers before and after use to ensure that bacteria doesn’t get into your pores.


Nose hair waxing is a quick and lasting hair removal method. If you, as a bald man or women, are interested in removing prominent nose hair to feel more confident in your appearance, consider all of the hair removal options available to you. Waxing, whether at home or in a salon, could give you a boost of confidence so that you can take on the day.