Bald heads aren’t exclusive to men! Shaving your head as a woman is a great way to show off your features and make you stand out from the crowd.

It’s a fact: the shaved head look isn’t exclusive to men. Women with shaved heads are seen more and more in our society today, and they’re turning heads for all the right reasons. Shaving your head shows off the elegant line of your head and neck, accentuating your facial features for a look that’s entirely you.

If you, as a woman, are wondering, “Should I shave my head?”, look no further than this article. We’re going to review the benefits of shaving your head as a woman, as well as a handful of drawbacks to consider. We’ll go over tips for making the most of your shaved head look so that you feel confident, comfortable, and ready to take on the day.

The Benefits of Shaving Your Head As a Woman

As a woman, there are numerous benefits to be gained by shaving your head. While having a full head of hair has its upsides, too, women shaving their heads will enjoy unique perks, both aesthetically and in their daily routines. You may find that a shaved head is a great fit for your day-to-day routine, as well as your personal style.

Read more about the benefits for women with shaved heads below.

1. Less Maintenance Than is Required for Long Hair

Long hair requires quite a bit of maintenance, and the longer the hair, the more time you’ll spend keeping it healthy. Shampooing, conditioning, drying, combing, and brushing are all crucial steps in keeping up with long hair. Additionally, many women spend a significant amount of time styling their hair for various events and occasions, which could be saved by rocking a shaved head.

With a shaved head, while shampooing will still be a step in your regular routine, brushing, combing, blow drying, and other hair maintenance tasks won’t cost you precious time. Just think of the time you’ll save by not having to rinse out a full head of hair in the shower, or by escaping the daily struggle of tangles and frizziness. In our chaotic world today, many people jump at the opportunity to spare even a few minutes in the day!

2. Accentuation of Your Head Shape and Lengthening of the Neck Line

With no hair on your head, your head shape will be accentuated. This creates a beautiful, stately look that will compliment any outfit. Your exposed head will also make for an elegant profile--you’ll stand out from the rest in a positive light.

Shaving your head will also make for a lengthened neck line. We all want to have as long and as graceful a neck as possible, and a shaved head certainly contributes to a dignified look. Additionally, with your neck exposed, any necklaces or dangling earrings that you wear will be even more prominent.

3. Exaggeration of Facial Features

In addition to accentuating your head and neck line, a shaved head will exaggerate your facial features. Without any hair to distract from your face, your features will be even more striking. This also means that you can have a lot of fun with makeup and discover more about yourself than ever before.

4. Gain a New Experience

No one should underestimate the power of making a drastic change to your appearance. Whether you’re heading into a new stage of life, need a fresh start to maintain motivation, or are even just looking to be spontaneous, shaving your head could be exactly what you need.

Women with shaved heads often describe the feeling of getting rid of their hair as liberating and eye-opening. While some may feel a sense of loss as those long-loved locks hit the floor, the act of reinventing yourself is a powerful one. Shaving off your hair may give you a new perspective on not only the way you look, but also who you are as a person.

Drawbacks for Women with Shaved Heads

The change from having a full head of hair to a shaved head is undoubtedly a transition, and one that could take time depending on the person. So, with the benefits of shaving your head as a woman in mind, there are two main drawbacks to consider.

1. Sun Exposure

Without hair, your scalp will be exposed and more sensitive to sun exposure than you’re used to. This means that you’ll have to be careful to always apply sunscreen to the scalp before heading outside for any length of time.

2. No Ability to Change Your Hairstyle

While you’re likely used to being able to change your hairstyle depending on the outfit or occasion, a shaved head doesn’t offer the same versatility. While you can wear accessories like head scarves, wraps, and hats, you won’t be able to create the hairstyles that you’re used to, such as braids, ponytails, buns, and French twists.

How to Rock Your Shaved Head

shaving your head as a woman

“I’m a woman and I want to shave my head.”

If the above statement is one that you’ve made after thought and consideration, you’re ready for the change that a shaved head will bring! We’ve discussed the pros and cons of making this alteration to your appearance. Now, let’s shift over to lifestyle tips for women shaving their heads.

Own What Makes You Different

Women with shaved heads are seen by many as fearless, so own it! Not everyone has the confidence and guts to shave all of their hair; it’s something that makes you unique. Standing out in a crowd is a wonderful thing, and likely one that you’ll come to love.

When you first shave off your hair, you may struggle initially to accept your new appearance. This is entirely normal, and plenty of women have been there, too. But, try to maintain your confidence by holding onto what makes you you. A shaved head can help those aspects of yourself shine more. So, don’t hesitate to be different and daring, as those qualities are strengths that you should embrace.

Plenty of women have shaved their heads and never looked back--that could be you, too! If you’re ready to experiment with your appearance and try something new, shaving your head is an awesome option. The experience in and of itself could even feel freeing and open your life up to new possibilities.

Make Self-Care a Priority

Thoughtful, consistent self-care is a crucial part of any woman’s daily routine, no matter how chaotic it may be. Self-care is the habit of taking care of both your body and your mind; it can include skincare, nail care, exercise, meditation, and more. Your self-care routine will be different from others, and that’s as it should be! Only you know exactly what your body and mind need to feel their best.

A new step in your self-care routine that you should implement as a woman with a shaved head is scalp care. To keep your shaved head looking and feeling its best, you’ll need to keep it moisturized while also managing excess oil.

Many people wonder whether or not to use shampoo with a shaved head. You should, in fact, shampoo your bald scalp in order to manage oil and keep the moisture of your skin balanced. Shampoo will help you achieve and maintain healthy skin on your scalp by controlling sebum production. The pH level of shampoo is designed for your scalp, while typical soap or lotion is not.

To keep your shaved head at its healthiest and most beautiful, you’ll also need to apply a great SPF to your scalp anytime you’re about to head into the sun. Without hair to block the sun’s harmful rays, your scalp is susceptible to sunburn, which will lead to dryness and peeling on your scalp.

Just as a moisturizer is a critical part of your facial skincare regimen, it also needs to be used in your scalp care routine. An ultra hydrating moisturizer will keep your scalp healthy, especially if you spend a significant amount of time outside in the sun. You can find moisturizers that are designed just for use on a bald or shaved head; these products are typically a good choice because they’re made with the appropriate area in mind and will work accordingly.

To kick start your scalp care routine, consider the Bee Bald 5-Piece Daily Skin Care Regimen Kit. This fabulous kit will start you off with everything that you need. It includes five steps: clean, heal, scrub, shave, and smooth. Each product serves a different purpose, from healing damaged skin to removing dirt and oil and more. This wonderful combination of products will leave your head glowing and smooth so that you can take on the day.

Find Accessories for Outfit Versatility

As a woman with a shaved head, you can make use of accessories that are fun and interesting. Hats, like beanies, newsboy hats, and even sun hats look fantastic with the shaved head look. Plus, a hat will give you extra sun protection on super sunny days.

If you’re having second thoughts about shaving your head, a head covering is a simple way to ease into your new look and feel comfortable in public during those first few days. If a hat isn’t your thing, consider a sophisticated head scarf. Head scarves make for a chic, sophisticated look. This type of accessory is often made from a thin, delicate material like silk or chiffon. Headscarves are so light that you’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing one!

The Cardani So Simple Scarf is an awesome example of a head scarf for women and girls with shaved heads. It makes your life easy by being pre-tied--all you have to do is slip it on! It comes in all different prints to coordinate with a variety of outfits. Plus, the soft bamboo fibers are naturally antibacterial and minimize moisture on the scalp, preventing skin issues while keeping you comfortable.


It’s less common for women to shave their heads than men. But, that doesn’t mean that women can’t feel both beautiful and confident with a shaved head look. In fact, many women find the experience of shaving off their hair to be both freeing and enriching to their lives. We’ve gone over a handful of great strategies for making the most of your shaved head as a woman. So, if you’ve been wondering “Should I shave my head?”, give yourself permission to be bold and try something new! You may just fall in love with the result.