Everybody gets to a point in their life when they think “Should I shave my head?” Here are the pros and cons of having a shaved head to help your decision.

You’ve no doubt noticed that men are starting to shave their heads even before they start to lose their hair. Why is this? What’s the benefit of having a shaved head? And why would someone be bald voluntarily while they still had a head of hair?

Turns out, there are actually some good reasons for both shaving while you still have hair to lose and for getting rid of any thinner hair that’s already on the way out. There are all sorts of good reasons to shave your head and start rocking an awesome bald look, although it’s not a decision you should make very lightly. There are a few short-term consequences that you’ll have to live with if you end up not liking the look.

Should you shave your head? We definitely think so, and here's why:

The Pros of a Shaved Head

Obviously, people wouldn’t shave their heads if there wasn’t a good reason to. In fact, there are several good reasons to shave your head and all sorts of benefits that you can derive from both the initial shaving and the consistent maintenance of a bald head.

Don’t believe us? Let’s discuss all the best benefits you can gain from shaving your head bald.

  • Reduced Upkeep - For starters, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to shave your head and wake up every morning without having to deal with your hair than it is to roll out of bed and have to go through an extensive hair care routine. A lot of men have to spend quite some time washing their hair, adding product, or otherwise messing with their hair to achieve a perfect look. This focus on appearance isn’t a bad thing, but being bald is a lot easier because there’s only one way to do your hair, per se. When you’re bald, it’s one less thing you have to worry about each and every morning, although there are some maintenance aspects we’ll discuss.

  • Better Temperature Regulation During Summer - During the summertime heat, a full head of hair can feel smothering and lead you to sweat even if you’re wearing cool clothes. This is because a huge proportion of our body heat is expelled to the tops of our heads. Some scientists believe that we retained our head hair while we lost hair in most other places as we evolved. But with a bald head, you’ll find that staying cool is a lot easier. Without all of the hair to trap your heat, you’ll find that maintaining a cool temperature is easier than it ever was before. Don’t forget to add sunscreen to your cap if you spend some time in the sun!

  • Easy Maintenance - So, there is some maintenance you need to keep in mind if you have a bald head and want it to consistently look good. However, this maintenance is an order of magnitude less intensive than the standard haircare treatment that many men go through each day. You still need to wash your head, of course, and you’ll need to periodically shave to stay bald, but in general, maintaining a good-looking bald head is a lot easier than it is with a full head of hair.

  • Eliminate Dandruff - A lot of men have trouble with dandruff, even if they use a special shampoo or conditioner or other products designed to reduce dry, flaky, and itchy skin. With your hair out of the way, you can devote maximum attention to the problem of your dry head and eliminate dry skin through the targeted use of dandruff-reducing products. You’ll also find that bald heads have fewer dry skin problems than heads with hair because moisture isn’t trapped in so easily.

  • No More Bad Hair Days - No longer will you have to endure a day where your hair just won’t listen to you or refuses to get with the program. Bad hair days will be a thing of the past and you’ll never have to exit your home or apartment wondering if you look as bad as you think. You can also roll out of bed knowing that your head looks the same as it always does: perfect!

  • Look Younger - Studies have shown that people perceive bald men to be about 10 years younger than they actually are. This can be a great benefit if you’re already climbing the age ladder and want to deduct a few years from your total (at least in appearance). We’ll go into this in more detail below, but overall, just remember that going bald looks like regaining years in many people’s eyes.

  • Draws Attention to Facial Hair - If you got a really great beard or facial hair that you put a lot of time and energy into, you might find that people don’t really notice that aspect of your face when you have a full head of hair. Once you shave your head, all of a sudden your beard will become more noticeable and more impactful than it previously was. This can be great if you’re going for a particular style or look with your overall appearance. There are plenty of modern famous men who have epic or well-trimmed beards that take great advantage of their lack of head hair.

This isn’t even an exhaustive list. There are many more benefits and advantages to having a bald head in which you can enjoy after a quick shaving session. Learning how to shave your head takes a short while, but it’s nothing to be intimidated by. In any event, it’ll be easier than keeping your hair in order! There are men who ask, “when should I shave my head?” The truth is, there’s no better time than right now.

should i shave my head?

The Cons of a Shaved Head

This isn’t to say that there are only good things about going bald. There are definitely a few cons and shortcomings too. It’s important to weigh all of the factors before you make a big decision, especially one that might take some time to rectify if you change your mind.

  • No Going Back at First - This is unavoidable. Once you shave your head, if you don't like it, you'll have to wait until your hair grows back naturally or otherwise wear a wig. For something, their hair grows back so quickly that this is a non-issue. But for others, this is an important thing to remember because their hair grows back so slowly. Whatever your personal timeline, keep in mind before you take the clippers to your hair. It may be that you have to settle with your appearance for a few weeks or months.
  • Only One Style - The downside to not having to deal with hair is that you’re limited to one style: bald. Hair allows for a virtually unlimited variety of styles and colors that you can use to express yourself. You can have hair that is almost totally unique if you put your mind to it. If you go bald, however, your bald head won’t look that much different from any other bald guy’s head. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s something to remember if individual expression really matters to you.
  • Colder During Winter - While you’ll benefit during the summer, during the winter you might wish that you kept your head of hair because you’ll discover that you lose body heat a lot easier than your fully haired peers. Of course, this can always be helped with a thick, warm hat, but you might find that you miss nature’s natural insulation as the winter months drag on.
  • Learn to Shave Your Head - Finally, shaving your head doesn't take very long and it's not too complicated, but it is something that should be approached carefully to prevent any accidental injuries. You'll have to learn to shave your head and do it effectively because you'll need to maintain your baldness as time goes on.

As you can see, you definitely shouldn’t make this decision willy-nilly. But don’t let the potential downsides deter you from your goal if you think a shaved head will look great. In all likelihood, you’ll be more than satisfied. And in the worst-case scenario, all you face is a little downtime before you have your hair back. If you're still asking, "Should I Shave My Head?", then don't start just yet! Let the idea sink in for a while.

When is a Shaved Head Better than Thin Hair?

Lots of men ask themselves, “Should I shave my head if I have a receding hairline?” They might consider shaving their heads when their hair starts to naturally thin or becomes wispy. This is generally a good choice, as most people find the remnant of a full head of hair less attractive and less masculine than either alternative. Are you thinking about taking the plunge? Consider the following factors and see if they help in your decision.

Wispy Remnants

Wispy strings or thin patches of hair often look a lot worse to both men and women than if you simply shave your head altogether. Maintaining only a small amount of your natural head hair can sometimes appear to be indecisive or hesitant. There’s nothing to be ashamed about; every man eventually loses his hair, although a few men make it all the way to the grave before that happens!

By contrast, men who start to lose their hair and decide to take up the clippers and razor seem sure of themselves indecisive as they seize their new style and make it their own. It can be seen as an example of embracing change rather than running away from the natural processes that will eventually affect us all.

Control Your Style

By controlling your style, you can play a greater part in how people perceive you right from the get-go. By planning to shave and adopt the bald style, you can make immediate choices that can complement your new, imminent look.

For instance, if you know that you’re going to be bald, you can make wardrobe or facial hair changes that will accentuate or accommodate this new hairstyle. This is a lot better than simply shaving your head and maintaining the same styles that you had before. A lot of men look drastically different once they shave their heads, and understanding this and working it to your advantage is a great indicator of personal versatility and will be attractive to virtually everyone.

The Age Factor

There’s no denying that men look younger with a shaved head. It’s a bit ironic, considering that older people are often the ones going bald against their will. But it seems that people (both men and women) consider a man with a shaved head to be more domineering and charismatic, probably because it forces more attention on the eyes and brow.

This can mean that if you’re an older man, or if you’re starting to lose your hair and it’s making you look older than you actually are, shaving your head could be a great move in the quest to look younger and healthier. Most men would rather look younger by 10 years; wouldn’t you?

A Middle Ground

if you’re not sure about a totally bald look, but still want to get rid of most wispy or thinning hair, you might be asking: should I buzz my head? Buzzing is a little different from going all the way to bald since you use clippers with hair guards to remove most of your hair and achieve a buzz style similar to that used in a lot of militaries. This style has a lot of the same advantages as a fully bald style, although it does look somewhat different.

One unique advantage to buzzing your hair instead of shaving all the way is that it'll take a shorter amount of time, all together, to regain your hair side that you don't like the look. You might also find that your face or bone structure is a little too soft to make use of the intensity of a full bald style. But a buzz style might be the perfect middle ground.

Can a Shaved Head Look Good on a Woman?

This isn’t only a question for men. Women might be considering shaving their heads for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re trying out a new style and want to rock the boat, or if you’re undergoing treatment for some condition and are going to lose your hair either way, you should know that women can rock a bald head and look great just as well as men (and probably better!).

woman with a bald head

Beauty Standards

Beauty standards can be oppressive or irritating for both sexes, but there’s no doubt that women face a lot of scrutiny when it comes to their hairstyle and color choice. A lot of people of both sexes come to conclusions about a woman’s character based on her hair. Because of all of this cultural inertia, it can be difficult to reconcile the desire or the reality of a bald head with the traditional feminine beauty standard.

Don't worry too much about it, though, because even though society's standards can be taxing, there are more and more unique looks being accepted everywhere across America, in large part thanks to the Internet. Now more than ever, you can find all sorts of fashion and makeup advice for making the most of a bald head.

Beauty is definitely within reach, and a bald head could actually accentuate your facial features and prove to be a great look. Ladies, if you want to go bald, take the plunge. If you have to go bald, don’t worry; you can be sure that you can still look amazing even without all of that hair that you’ll no longer need to worry about!


Of course, if your hair is thinning and you find that it doesn’t look good in its natural state any longer, but you’re in love with the looks and style you’ve adopted around your hairstyle, you can shave your head bald to remove wispy or thinning hair and use a wig instead.

Wigs do require some upkeep and preparation, but many of the same benefits that we discussed above still apply. Shaving your head bald could be a great decision from both an aesthetic standpoint and to reduce hair care maintenance.

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Conclusion - Should I Shave My Head?

So, should you shave your head? The decision is entirely up to you. But we think that more and more men are starting to recognize the benefits and advantages that come with getting rid of their head hair. This new wave of bald heads didn’t come from nowhere; they must be on to something.

Shaving your head can be a great decision both for your personal looker style or to make yourself look younger. It can eliminate the problem of thin or wispy hair and allow you to regain any confidence you might have lost you saw your hair starting to diminish. What if removing your hair wasn’t the end, but the beginning of a totally awesome new look?